When you want the very best care for your child

We understand that parenting is very difficult these days and being a kid is tough too at blue sky counseling center we all practice strength-based therapy focusing on your goodness and your potential to improve… we hope to help our kids and families thrive and succeed in all arenas school and family, personal, and social success.

We teach kids and families how to engage in counseling; in a safe space - although we talk about difficult issues we know it doesn't need to be scary.

We know that counseling needs to be a conversation – extending and sharing insight together. True learning occurs when people are emotionally engaged and able to ask questions and compare how their beliefs join with the life-skill at hand. We know that you have good ideas, know yourself best, and want to get better! We get it. We understand that sometimes the big issue for "other people" may not the biggest issue to you. We need to hear your side to help.

For adolescents

We connect with the teen and help them find best ways to communicate their truth. we use music a and multimedia strategies to help teach the tools and skills for best coping. for teens we understand that this is an age of much transition we help parents and teens communicate with one another in productive ways

For parents

We offer full circle help for younger child the parents are in the session in conjoint parent child counseling for teens we offer parent consultation and conjoint parent – teen sessions so the parents are informed about what coping skills and emotional support tools the teens are learning

When you want the best for your child you want someone who is licensed and experienced with specialized pediatric training and certifications

All of our therapists are child centric and adolescent specialists

Choosing Correctly is Important

Choosing a child specialist is very important the way that they connect with counseling as children can help them seek help for future problems in adulthood.

At Blue Sky Counseling Center we only hire experienced licensed and specially certified therapists who have dedicated their careers to the wellness of children and adolescents and families.

We Rarely Have Waitlists

When your child needs help it is so disheartening to hear that you will be put on a long waitlist that will take months before you can establish care.   We try our very best to connect you with an expert child teen therapist within days of your first call.  When our therapists case loads fill, we hire a new therapist.

Specialized Offices

Our offices are designed for Pediatrics with kid-sized seating and toys and puppets, puzzles games, art supplies, figets, and we have music and multimedia modalities for all therapies to engage kids and teens

Childrens counseling office
Childrens counseling office toy