If there is a life threatening medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

If you are a current Blue Sky Counseling Center Client, and you have an urgent clinical matter during office hours.  Please call (916) 747-3799 and leave a message.  We will make our best efforts call you back within 24 hours.  Non-routine DBT and problem solving calls non life threatening calls, lasting more than 15 minutes are subject to $25.00 fee.  Please remember to include your best CALL BACK information on your message:

If there is a mental health situation, it is after hours (Before 10AM and or after 5PM)  and you must speak to a clinician now please contact:

If you are in need of county mental health services:
TEXT FOR CRISIS HELP 741741 real crisis by texting


If you are in crisis please speak to someone in person, do not wait for voicemail or email messages