We are on your side

We understand that sometimes people can get blindsided by emotional pain and can make terrible choices. We hope to be your "translator" to help you communicate your issue without feeling too vulnerable or judged. We work with you, to help you untangle the mess so you can rebuild trust and start living positively again. We are very comfortable in discussing issues of self-injury, or thoughts of suicide.

Therapy is not one size fits all

With open accepting hopeful communication we know that all humans have the ability to find resiliency from within to heal and change so they can live more productive and peaceful lives.  Our therapists are very comfortable with difference and believe that individual human difference does not mean that they are deficit in any way. We believe that all people deserve to be treated with respect regardless of similarity or difference.

We partner with you to help you to mend important relationships, to learn healthier coping skills, add some positive strategies, and to live without self-harm.

Although there is a place for it in the world – At Blue Sky Counseling Center we do not make you lay down on a chase sofa and tell us all about when you were 4 years old – nor do we sit behind you and write copious notes and say nothing but Mmmm and uh Huh the whole time.  We do not spend the whole time playing board games for an hour and then ask you how you feel...

Even though in therapy we talk about serious issues - counseling doesn’t need to be scary.

Working with what areas YOU FEEL need improvement.

Most of our clients come to counseling when everything else they have tried to fix the problems have not succeeded.  We understand that we need to listen and problem solve with you to create a therapeutic plan which includes honoring all the hard work that you have done before meeting with us.  We partner with parents, spouses, teens, medical professionals, educators, and individual adults to formulate an plan to improve YOUR emotional and social wellness.   You don’t have to be SICK to get better!

We know that you have spent a long time thinking about what is wrong with your situation, that you may have heard from many different sources how what you are currently doing is not “right”. The truth is: Failure Hurts. BEING stuck on the same emotional roller coaster ride is exhausting. We concentrate on your strengths, your core goodness, and teach successful life strategies to help you combine what is working with what areas YOU FEEL need improvement.

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