We provide the following services:  Individual Psychotherapy, Neuropsychological Assessments and Psychological Testing, Conjoint Parent and Child Psychotherapy, Sibling Sessions, Vocational Re-entry/Educational/College Counseling, and Professional Consultation.  Please ask your therapist about an appropriate referral for other services related to couples, chemical dependency, eating disorders, and custody evaluation or litigation forensic services as we do not offer these services.  WE are not trained in any sort of Divorce/Custody/Mediation/Visitation therapies and we cannot discuss with mediators or attorneys.  We do not do court mandated therapy.


In accordance with federal, state and internal requirements, all information is securely maintained according to HIPPA regulations and destroyed accordingly. For electronic payment, billing with Therapy Notes, and medical records processing we use the THERAPY NOTES service.  Any and All information disclosed within sessions, any written records pertaining to those sessions, and information pertaining to the services you are provided at the Blue Sky Counseling Center, Corporation is confidential and may not be revealed without written permission of the client or client’s legal representative with the exception of when disclosure is required by law.  Information may be shared among therapists within the Blue Sky Counseling Center if emergency consultation is necessary.


Due to the nature of psychotherapy and the fact that it involves making a full disclosure with regard to many matters which may be of a confidential nature, it is agreed that should there be any legal proceedings (such as, but not limited to divorce and custody disputes, injuries, lawsuits) neither you nor your attorney, nor anyone else acting on your behalf will call on us to testify in court or at any other proceeding, nor will a disclosure of records from this assessment be requested through release or subpoena.  We are not trained as custody evaluators, or divorce couples counselors. Our therapists will not write letters of support for court.