David Sachs

Hello, my name is David. I was born and raised in New York, and as an adolescent moved to a strange new land called, “southern California” to live with family members prior to attending high school. This transition was not easy during my teen years and little did I know I was in my own challenging adjustment period. As I progressed through into early adulthood, I did not realize that past traumatic events had a lot to do with my behaviors and decisions in relationships, work, and school. In my early college years, I often felt unsure, confused, and even depressed; however, I remained curious about myself and other people. While doing undergraduate work, I took my first Psychology course and I was hooked! In the next years, I immersed myself in the field and began a journey to self-discovery along with a desire to help others.

I joined the U.S. Army after several years of working in the counseling field with adolescents and young adults, not knowing these were the seeds that would germinate for the next years of my life. Fast forward…I got married to my best friend, had a child, went back to school (twice!), had an amazing 11-year career as a high school teacher, football coach, and school principal. Phew! I returned full circle to my initial calling of counseling and teaching, and now feel at home in my own skin and in my life. Life is a process, and my life experiences and learning have helped me to become a better counselor and prepare me to walk alongside others in their own journey.

I have realized that we cannot do this thing called “life” alone. In fact, we were built to be in relationship. At the end of the day, it is all about connection, purpose, and love. I often share that life is an incredible book, with many pages and chapters. I am still writing mine…how about you?