Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling.  Psychotherapy for most mental health issues and disorders. Intervention for Child and Teen Anxiety and Depression.  Help with parent child relationships, behavioral changes, and self concept improvement.  Caring help for those dealing with grief and loss issues related to suicide.  Specialized therapy for behavioral sleep intervention, head ache support, and behavioral concussion remediation.  Teen Emotional Health Check-Ups.  Treatment for Self-Injury.  Academic Problems Counseling. Parenting skills counseling.  Educational Counseling, College, Career, Vocational Re-Entry.  We are not custody evaluators and do not participate in custody our court related services.

Blue Sky Counseling Center offers Dialectical Behavioral Services; Individual Counseling, Inter-Session Contact, Parent Coaching, DBT diary monitor, and Individual DBT Skills Training for those adolescents who are not candidates for a group setting.  Our DBT therapy is reccomended for patients stepping down from inpatient services.  Twice weekly with skill building meetings for one year or as symptoms decrease.  

Meet Dr Jennica Jenkins, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Child Behavior Intervention and Mental Health Focus
Treating childhood behavioral issues is the building block for self control, school and social success.  When a child experiences untreated Anxiety it is common to be a root cause for adolescent mood disorders.  Kids feel confident, have better self esteem, and more positive experiences with their community when they know how to navigate social, family, and school problems with healthy coping skills.  When a child can Obey instructions on the first time asked, Accept No for an answer, Can regulate strong emotions, and can Focus to learn -- they have positive adult and peer relationships.  When a child can sleep independently, calm down big feelings and self sooth strong emotions,this independence is a protector which prevents anxiety and depression.   
Teen Mental Health
Truth and Trust are only one letter apart - At our Teen Emotional Health Check-Ups Parents and Teens meet for one - two sessions.  A brief series of topics which looks into the emotional experience of adolescents is discussed.    The roller coaster of high school or college, young adulthood is fast and going off course can lead to a lifetime of avoidable problems.  Parents and teen are given an update on current coping strategies, resiliency, and future ability to handle tough challenges.   Our team is also available to assist families with treatment or referrals if issues are discovered. This is an over all positive experience where true prevention of serious teen pit falls are realized. i phone  or new honda, toyota, or i pad, or california state university bound, top ten pop chart or not, your beloved teen needs your relationship.